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    Sign Design

    Our in-house designers have been with us for an average of 15 years. Our drawings are always to scale and depict a realistic rendering of your project. Our experienced and award winning graphic artists are able to get drawings to you quicker than standard sign company turn around times.

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    Sign Manufacture

    Not only can we Sign Design we also can Sign Manufacture.We have a 35,000 square foot sign manufacturing facility in Pinellas County. We have been here for 40 years. We make huge signs for arenas and small tenant signs alike. Please feel free to contact me for a tour of the facility.

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    Sign Installation

    We are the premiere Tampa Bay Sign Installers and we have 5 trucks on the road 6 days a week, either installing, or repairing signs. This means we are never far from you. Our installers are well trained and have been with us for many years. We are properly licensed and insured to be on your property with big equipment without putting you at financial risk in case of an accident or incident.

Latest Projects

Some of my newest projects

Goodbye to 2017

017 ended with a BANG at The International Sign Company. We were busy to start with having had the best year we’ve had since 2008. Then it happened . . . the perfect storm … literally. Hurricane Irma hit right at the peak of our rush. Here is how it shook out. September – Hurricane Irma blows

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Fun Signs

Hi, here are two fun signs. The first is a 100% solar sign. And these aren’t your run of the mill ‘stay lit for 4 hours’ solar signs. These high-end signs can sense the sun. They suck in and store the suns energy when it’s available and dole it out like Scrooge with a

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Just a few recommendations from people I enjoyed working with

"Rick is someone that I actively seek ways to send business to him. He takes the time to meet with clients and goes through every possible option to make the magic happen. He is very knowledgeable on sign codes (laws) and he has gone the extra mile for my clients. I have the highest respect for Rick and his company!"
- Amanda Conte

"When I needed a sign for a video production in my studio, I called Rick. My request was not the usual sign job..I needed a sign that was large enough to display my clients logo clearly, not reflect lights back into the camera, was sturdy enough not to bend and flex yet light enough to be hung from the grid on the studio ceiling. The Sign Doctor nailed it! Obviously I was happy, my client was thrilled and the production was a success!"
- Art Dryce

"Sign Dr. did a great job helping my friend get the proper signage for her business. They exceeded our expectations by delivering a great design quickly and business is already improving! And they have a great team, would use them again."
- Jennifer Priem

"Rick helped a client of mine get the doors to their newest location open right on schedule. He came out to the site and truly listened to their vision. They had to make some adjustments to that vision based on his knowledge of the local sign code. Rick was with them all through the process from the scaled art simulations, to permitting, and all through installation. They were absolutely thrilled with the results, and found Rick to be knowledgeable and reliable - the highest-level professional! I recommend him to all my clients without reservation"
- Chris Dayton
"Anyone looking for any kind of signage needs to talk with Rick. I recommend him to everyone I meet! He did what seemed to be impossible. We had another sign company that completely flubbed the job he came in behind and did a fantastic job and faster than the previous company. He definitely takes special care of his clients! 2 big thumbs up for Rick and Int'l Sign Co!"
- Anita Fields

"I confidently refer Rick to my best clients and he makes me look like a hero! Rick is incredibly organized, very quality conscious and helpful - sharing his vast knowledge of all types of signage to provide highly effective, professional solutions. With Rick's great attention to detail, you can be sure the finished product will be impressive - executed impeccably with no surprises."
- Dave Ellis


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