Banners for MyEyeDr

banners, tampa bay banner installerWe were approached by a project coordinator for the growing family of MyEyeDr locations. They are big in the Carolina’s and Georgia and now storming into Florida like one of our famous hurricane’s.

16 Banners in one weekend

We were told that we needed to change over 16 locations over the weekend. Phase one was to add the banners to affiliate the new name with the existing optical business. While installing 25 banners on various buildings as much as 200 miles apart we conducted surveys and took photos that will help us to simulate the new signs on the buildings right to scale. This is a requirement for pulling the a sign permit. We had to document and survey existing monument signs and pylon signs in order to design the new MyEyeDr sign faces for the ground signs. Once the final drawings are approved, we will send them off to engineering and prepare for fabrication. Installing 20 some signs at 16 locations scattered across central Florida on a specific weekend will be a trick. The real trick is getting everything correct the first time to keep from sending crews driving all over to correct tiny oversights. Stay tuned for an update and keep your eyes open for a MyEyeDr coming to a location near you.

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