Legend, In his own mind…

An update on Rick the Sign Guru… a legend in his own mind.

I have officially been a part of this “sign business” for over 2 decades. I’ve loved and hated it . . . and loved it again. It’s in my blood. As a kid, I would save appliance boxes and turn them into storefronts . . . and yes, I made my own storefront sign. I learned quickly that if you wanted to sell whatever was inside . . . the outside of your storefront had to lure em in. These days we are manufacturing and installing signs for folks like AMALIE ARENA, Brass Tap, Budget and every new Restaurant, Vap place, or Brewery concept that comes along. Some are flash in the pan concepts that fizzle out. Others are long-time staples like Toyota, Burger King, Beef O Brady’s. I love this business. Every day I see people with big wide eyes trying to get me to visualize their dream. And I get to be a part of it, from initial storefront conceptual through manufacturing and installation and almost never miss a grand opening. Now that’s a good sign.

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