Signs from Concept to Completion

Sign Design ProcessHere is the typical process to get from concept to completion

Initial meetings with the sales person to get a good understanding of what the customer wants. Customer is given relevant sign code information or contact information for a representative at the local municipality if code is unclear.

Once we have municipality guidelines, we design scaled art simulations to be sure we are on the same page and share the same vision as the customer.

Once we complete a sign design that meets the customers’ expectations, we send the drawing to our estimating department to figure the time and material required submit an official quote to the customer.

If the quote is palatable to the customer, we move to the next step. If we are over budget, we suggest some value engineering or compromises.

Once we agree on a design and a cost it is time to pursue permits. We require a 50% deposit at this time.

We will ask you to have the property owner fill out a Letter of Authorization and a Notice of Commencement per code requirements. We will also ask you to provide a scaled site plan showing exactly where the sign will be installed. (Another requirement of the permit process)

We will fill out the remaining paperwork necessary to pull the permit including getting our scaled drawings stamped by an engineer.

Once permits are approved (this time varies by municipality) we release to the shop foreman.

A typically sign will be handled by a dozen different folks along the process from ordering the raw materials, fabrication and assembly and through painting and electrical departments. (approximately 2 weeks).

Once the sign is complete, it will move to the installation schedule where we will match up the right truck and equipment with the best fit install team for the job.

If footers are required (ground sign) we will dig them and then schedule a footer inspection (typically done the next day). Next we will set whatever pole(s) that were spec’d out by the engineer. The poles will need a day to set and we will typically install the sign cabinet in the next day or two.

If proper primary power is available and within 6’ of the sign, at the time of installation, we will do the final hook up. If proper power is not available and within 6 feet of the sign at the time of installation, we will leave a wire “whip” for your electrician to hook up once power is run to the sign.

Once sign is installed, we will call the municipality to inform them we are ready for the final inspection.

When we pass the final inspection . . . final payment is due.

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