Signs Basics

Entryway signs
We cater to Commercial Landlords and Commercial Realtors. You need to know what your tenant is planning to install onto your storefront. You need to know that your tenants sign meets local sign codes and that its being installed properly and safely by a licensed and insured sign company

Retail signs
I have devoted my business life to helping brave entrepreneurs maneuver through the confusing sign permit process. We verify the ever changing local sign codes and then work with you to make sure we create the storefront sign of your dreams . . . .and that we meet the local sign code. Our design team will always provide scaled art simulations so you cam visualize the storefront instead of being surprised the day of installation.

Electronic Message Centers
Electronic Message Centers are as different as human beings. Some look the same but are very much different on the inside. Quality ranges from outstanding to outrageous. If you are even considering an electronic message center, contact me. Many cities do not allow them and many sign companies will take a huge deposit from you only to find out that they can’t get a permit. Often they will have spent your deposit money on bills, materials etc. Message centers are a specialty of mine. Let me help you make the right decision.

Our in-house designers have been with us for an average of 15 years. Our drawings are always to scale and depict a realistic rendering of your project. Our experienced and award winning graphic artists are able to get drawings to you quicker than standard sign company turn around times.

We have a 35,000 square foot sign manufacturing facility in Pinellas County. We have been here for 40 years. We make huge signs for arenas and small tenant signs alike. Please feel free to contact me for a tour of the facility

Permitting is the proverbial monkey wrench that can screw up the best planned grand opening. Our in-house permit guru has with us for 18 years. It isn’t possible to know all the codes because they are different in each city and continually changing. More importantly, we know the staff at the local jurisdictions and they know us.
We are able to send your designs to our contacts to quickly verify that we are properly interpreting the latest sign code that can so often read like a court case.

We have 5 trucks on the road 6 days a week, either installing, or repairing signs. This means we are never far from you. Our installers are well trained and have been with us for many years. We are properly licensed and insured to be on your property with big equipment without putting you at financial risk in case of an accident or incident.

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