Toyota Dealership in Antigua with a Retail Sign

This was our awesom retail sign with channel letters
We got a call from a Toyota Dealership just off the beaten path. They needed to replace the old retail sign on their even older building located on the tiny island of Antigua. We’re talking past Cuba … past Haiti and the Dominican Republic and nearly to the Port of Spain. They told us they have had nothing but trouble with other retail sign companies at their other locations. The problem that they had was that the people that manufactured the signs were never the same people that installed the signs. Inevitably, when something went wrong, it was always the installer blaming the manufacture or the manufacture blaming the installers. To solve the problem, we simply sent one of our guys to Antigua to gather intel. When he returned we knew we were in for a challenge. We were asked to wrap illuminated signage around the whole building. Unfortunately, the building was so far from being ready, willing or able to accept signs. I think the old rusted signs were the only thing holding the walls up. Our first 9 scorching hot days were spent on the hot tin roof tearing off old signs, repairing and aligning the walls. We were unable to bring our fleet of bucket trucks to Antigua and instead worked off of farm equipment from the salvage yard nearby. We got a lot of help from the locals. They had all the connections on the island. When we needed a welder, the owner pulled out his cell phone and 30 minutes later the islands best welder was at our disposal. One more 16 hour day and we were ready for our final dip in the crystal clear waters just outside of the luxuries hotel accommodations that they so kindly set us up in. I will never forget that trip or the after hours’ adventures. What a great retail sign we had for them. Viva Antigua!!!


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