Why Digital Displays?

beautiful digital display
Full color digital message centers are more popular than ever.
Quality is going up and prices are coming down just like TV’s

But, just like TV’s, there are name brands that are known for
their performance and factory warranty . . . . . . . .

and their are TV’s from Craig’s list for $200 that overheat after
30 minutes and the sound is like the teacher from Charley Brown.

TV’s are much easier and cheaper to replace than message centers
that require an install team and an $80,000 bucket truck.

Picking the right message center is Crucial

If you want to get the right message center for your particular
Location . . .trust me. I know message centers. Weather you’re talking
about NIT ratings, pixel counts or LED quality, I am your guy.

If you know a retailer considering a digital display, please put them in
touch with me.

It truly could make or break their business.

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